Aug 5, 2008

What I am reading

Here is the current line up:


Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 - I am about 5 chapters into this book and it is just starting to get interesting. Coming from a WPF background the first few chapters of this book are mostly review. There are a few differences in the way that Silverlight does things so it is worth reading but the chapters don't offer much insight into the guts of Silverlight. I am hoping the following chapters dive deeper into the specifics of Silverlight 2.0

Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls for .NET Framework 3.5 - Well duh. You have to read your bosses book right? The first few chapters I have read so far covered JavaScript more in depth then I think I ever wanted to go with JavaScript but there were some interesting nuances that I didn't previously know about. I haven't got into the meat of the AJAX stuff yet but if the first few chapters are any indication of the depth, this book will be on the "hardcore" level.

Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for reusable design - I actually haven't even started this one but it is sitting on my desk staring me in the face as I write this. I am looking forward to diving in to this one. When I ordered it I noticed they are working on a new version that is due out at the beginning of 2009, but since I haven't read this version, and I have problems waiting for things, I figured I would give the current version a go and see how it is.


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