Apr 2, 2010

Speaking at San Diego .NET Developers Group on 4/6

Please excuse this bit of shameless self promotion:

I will be speaking at the San Diego .NET Developers Group on April 6th, 2010. I am going to be giving a talk about technical interviewing. If you follow my blog you will recognize the topic :).

The semi ranting post I published a few months back got a lot more traffic then I expected. I thought I was just blowing off steam. However, it seemed that many other people had similar experiences and agreed, at least in part, with what I was saying.

That gave me the idea to filter out the ranting and distill down the useful bits of advice and build a talk out of it. So this talk will be my first attempt at formalizing the advice and hopefully sharing some knowledge and experience with others.

If you are local to San Diego or going to be in the area on April 6th please drop by and check out the group. The meetings are free and are always fun.



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