Sep 18, 2008

Come out to the SoCal Code Camp

Several folks here at IK (myself included) are going to be speaking at the SoCal Code Camp. It will be held in Los Angeles @ the University of Southern California (USC)  on October 25th and 26th.


Me and a colleague will be doing a presentation on Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection. Our presentation is still very much a work in progress but here is a tentative outline of what we will be covering.


Talking points
  - What is Inversion of Control
  - Why should I be thinking about it
  - What is Dependency Injection?
    - Constructor injection
    - Setter injection
  - What do the two have to do with each other?

  Show basic make up of an IoC container
  Explain what a "Service" is and what a "Module" (service consumer?) is
  Explain static singleton pattern
  Explain the concept of bootstrapping services
  Explain how the modules' (service consumer?) "service" dependencies are
  injected by the container at runtime.
  Show how to use a service consumer without knowing what service implementations
  are being used.

Talking points
  - What tools are out there to help me implement IoC
  - What do these tools do for me

  How to implement the above demo app using
    -StructureMap / or Unity

Wrap up
  Is there a time I wouldn't want to use the IoC pattern / DI pattern?
  Example of scenarios where IoC can be beneficial


So come out and say hi. If our session doesn't interest I am sure there will be many other sessions that will. You can see a a list of all the sessions here


Best of all..... it's free!