Jun 25, 2011

So Cal Code Camp Materials

Thanks to everyone who came out to my sessions at code camp. Below are links to all the materials for my different sessions.

Blend 101
Source Code

Tips to become a better ninja

.NET Running on Linux

I couldn't export the VM image cleanly so you will have build it yourself but it is pretty straight forward to do.

I use Virtual Box and use a CentOS 5.5 guest image. You can get the CentOS ISO's here

My steps will work on any VM software with any red hat like linux distro.

Once you have the virtual machine up and running refer to the document to get mono installed.

I hope you enjoyed it. If you could take a moment and rate my sessions on speaker rate I would appreciate it. I always want to get better at giving these sessions so any feedback you have is welcome.

SpeakerRate for Blend

SpeakerRate for Ninja Talk

SpeakerRate for Mono Talk


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