Apr 26, 2010

Aliph (Jawbone) Customer Support For the Win

I purchased a Jawbone prime about 6 months ago. I have been a jawbone user since V1 and have been a huge fan of the product. By far it is the best Bluetooth headset I have owned. However, my beloved Jawbone prime decided to call it quits about a month ago. After fiddling with the charger and the headset I just couldn’t get it charge any more. I tried a different charging cable and I tried a colleagues jawbone prime in my charging cable. It became clear that my headset was dead. I contacted jawbone support to see what could be done. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I figured the customer support would probably be outsourced to somewhere and be pretty much worthless. This has been my experience with most other tech companies so I didn’t expect different.

To my surprise I got right through to a real person and she was very knowledgeable. I explained the situation to her and she quickly offered to replace the unit, no questions asked. I was stoked. All I needed to do is send her my receipt to prove I purchased the unit and she would send me the RMA number and start the process. It gets better, she said I could simply attach a JPG of the receipt to my e-mail and off we go. That is huge for me, while I have a scanner I typically don’t save paper copies of receipts. Especially in this case, where I bought the product online. So in a matter of minutes I opened my e-mail found the original receipt and took a quick screen shot of it and away it went. Within an hour I had a response back from the same customer service rep. She gave me the RMA number and the shipping instructions and I was all set. Total phone call time was less than 5 minutes from dialing to hang up.

I couldn’t be happier. Finally a company that understands customer support. Now, I haven’t shipped my headset back to them yet (will be sending out shortly) so I can’t comment on the actual hardware RMA process but if the first impression means anything I expect this process to go very smoothly. I will update this post as soon as I finish that process and share my experiences.

UPDATE: 5/6 Seriously, these guys rock! I shipped my headset back to them via UPS. Once they received the unit they processed the return within 3 days. I had a few E-mails back and fourth with them just to send them the incoming tracking number and to let them know it was on the way. Once they processed the return they contacted me to tell me the color I originally had (black)  was out of stock but they didn’t want me to have to wait so they offered to let me chose any of the other colors they had in stock. I selected a different color and the unit was shipped out the next day. Totally awesome. All the communication was handled via e-mail, other than the the original phone call I never had to pick up a phone again. My various e-mails were responded to by 3 different customer service people, all of which were fast to respond and very accommodating. The entire thread of the conversation was kept intact across all the customer service agents and the process went incredibly smoothly. Why can’t all companies customer service be this effective?

Moral of the story? Aliph Customer Support For the Win!

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